Election for Board of Governors

Dear Colleagues,



The Term of five (5) members of our present Board of Governors will end on April 30, 2019.

As such we need to fill these positions during the election in our forthcoming annual convention.

On behalf of the Committee on Nomination, may I request you to nominate a friend/co-worker/ relative or anyone that fulfills the following requirements:

1. Fellow/ Diplomate member of the Society

2. Certified to be of good standing in the PSP

3. With earnest intent to serve the society and its members

4. Represent the ideals of his/her profession and the society

Attached herewith for download is a copy of the nomination form that must be submitted on or before April 19, 2019 to the PSP Secretariat. You can also visit our official website for updated posting of nominees.

Let us selflessly give back to our own society as it unceasingly ensures our comforting career.


Chairman, Committee on Nomination

Announcement from the COMELEC



Pursuant to Article VIII of the Revised By-Laws as approved by the General Assembly during the 68th Annual Convention Business Meeting. The Nominations Committee is calling for the Nominations of the Members of the Society qualified to be elected as Members of the Board of Governors.

1. There are five ( 5 ) vacancies to be elected for Board of Governors.

2. Only Regular members in good standing are eligible for nomination and are allowed to nominate.

3. Members of the Committee on Nominations and the Committee on Elections are disqualified from being a candidate.

Chair, Committee on Nominations:

Susana P. Quiaoit, MD, FPSP

Co-Chair on Nomination:

Ma. Lourdes P. Santos, MD, FPSP

Chair, Committee on Elections:

Evette Lilybelle A. Demaisip

4. Attached on a separate sheet is the candidate’s statement of conformity, which shall be duly accomplished by the candidate and submitted to the Committee on Nominations to complete the nomination process. Otherwise, the nomination is deemed ineffective.

5. The Committee on Nominations shall screen the nominees if they are eligible to be candidates prior to the election process.

6. Deadline for nomination is on April 24, 2019, 12:00 nn. and Nomination Form must be submitted to PSP Secretariat, at the venue ( Conrad Manila )

7. To be submitted

  • Updated Resume

  • 2x2 Picture

  • Platform for the Society

Rules and Procedures for Election

  • The president, with the approval of the majority of members of the Board of Governors, shall appoint the following:

    • The chairman and 2 members of the Committee on Election to conduct the election.

    • The chairman and 2 members of the Committee on Nominations to select the nominees for the year.

    • All members of these two committees shall not be candidates for election.

  • Elections shall be held only during the annual convention.

  • Only members in good standing can nominate and vote during the elections.  Only members who are physically present can vote.

  • The Committee on Nominations shall call for nominations at least 90 days before the elections. 

  • This committee may accept nominations up to  noon of the first day of the annual convention to facilitate the checking for eligibility of the candidates, as long as sufficient time is given to check the eligibility of the nominee. 

  • Nominees shall have written acceptance of their nomination before the nomination becomes valid. 

  • Voting shall be done by secret balloting in any form.

  • After casting of the ballots, the Comelec shall immediately tally votes and shall submit the results to the board thereafter.

  • The Comelec shall make the final announcement of the results of the election to the general body.

The Board of Governors and Executive Officers

  • The Board of Governors is composed of 11 members.  Every year five or six members shall be elected for a term of two years.  There can only be a maximum of 2 diplomate members in the Board.

  • After the elections, the board shall meet to elect the executive officers among themselves.  The executive officers shall be sworn into office during the closing ceremony of the annual convention.

  • Election to the board of governors for 2 years does not prejudice subsequent re-elections to the same post.

  • The current president presides over the election of the executive officers and shall make the announcement of the results of this election before the oath-taking of the new set of executive officers and members of the board.

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