Janelyn Dy-Ledesma, MD

UERM Memorial Medical Center Quirino Memorial Medical Center Philippines

The bone marrow examination is crucial in diagnosing and managing both benign and malignant diseases of the hematolymphoid system. Correct handling and processing of the biopsy is essential in order to maximize the information that can be obtained from this procedure. Currently, there is no single, best method for the preparation and processing of bone marrow biopsies which may result in inconsistencies with diagnosis that may affect therapy. Furthermore, the role of histopathology still remains relevant and important despite the dependence on newer methodologies.

 In this dynamic and interactive session, the goal is to train surgical pathologists on the basics of handling and interpretation of bone marrow specimens.

The interactive hematologic sessions will showcase three cases that the surgical pathologist may commonly encounter in his or her practice.  This will be a multimedia approach wherein virtual slides from the cases will be uploaded in the PSP website prior to the convention. The audience are expected to view the slides and encouraged to join the discussion of the cases.

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