P. E. Wakely, Jr., M.D.

The Ohio State U. College of Medicine Columbus, OH/ USA

Soft tissue tumors are uncommon lesions. Sarcomas comprise about 1% of all adult and 15% of all pediatric malignancies. The use of fine needle aspiration (FNA) biopsy as  a method to diagnose soft tissue tumors, in particular sarcomas, is controversial with a range of opinions. The purpose of this presentation is to give attendees an overview of the primary soft tissue neoplasms encountered in an active soft tissue FNA service from a single institution. Lesions are typically subdivided by recognizing the most dominant cytomorphologic feature and then creating a pattern-based algorithmic approach to a differential diagnosis, e.g. spindle cell, pleomorphic, and round cell lesions. Application of ancillary testing is a critical component of FNA cytopathology and targeted testing is discussed as part of this lecture.

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