Outstanding Pathologist Award


Leoncio Uy Ong, MD, FPSP, CP

Head — Davao Blood Center which is also designated as one of the Lead Blood Service facilities for Davao Region.

As Head of the Lead Blood Service Facility:

1. Implemented the blood direct distribution system throughout its network encompassing Panabo City, Davao City, Davao Del Sur and Davao Occidental

2. Involved all level 2 and 3 hospitals to participate in the DOH-NVBSP by performing advocacy, recruitment and mobile blood donations ensuring adequacy, accessibility, safety and quality of blood and blood products

3. Required all level 2 and 3 hospitals to have notarized MOU, renewable every year, as one of the requirements prior to recommendation for issuance of Certificate of Inclusion by the Regional Director — DOH, which in turn is a requirement for issuance of License to Operate of the hospital

4. Required all members of it's blood service network to have Blood Inventory and get their blood units from the blood center on designated days, and anytime during calamities

5. Performed functions of a lead BSI=, both Internal and External, especially on monitoring of compliance with standards- especially SOP's

6. Regularly schedule BSN membership meeting

7. Having constant communication with other Heads of other neighboring Regional Blood Centers for purpose of sharing inventories in times of emergencies

Chair - Regional Laboratory Network XI  

1. Calls for a regular monthly meeting of the Council

2. Requested funding support from DOH-Regional Office XI for conducting trainings, venue for meetings, facilitation visits and to provide Regional Coordinator/ supporting staff

3. Requested and received support from Health Facilities Development Bureau(HFDB) in terms of providing speakers for training of laboratory staff in Lab Action Plan as well as Training of trainers

4. Requested and received support from National Unit for Health development(NUFIL)

5. Received support from other members of Blood Service Network in terms of providing venue for meetings and planning of activities

6. Requested and received support from local donors for the implementation of the program of activities

7. Activities done by the RLN council:

A. Creation of a Management Team —

a. Strategic Planning with DOH-XI with crafting of direction for the next 5 years

b. Inclusion of RLN activities in the DOH-Xl annual Work and Financial Plan

c. Organizational Development — in terms of policies and procedures

d. Administrative Support  

e. Program Implementation Review — Nov. 29, 2018

f. Recognition at the DOH Regional Harmonized Health Awards  

g. Lab Net Xl — Newsletter released December 2018

B. Trainings —

a. Training of Assessors for LAP, competency checklist for Assessors

b. Internal Quality Control Program

c. Documentation, Docu ment Control and Record Management

d. Learning Development and Need Analysis

e. Training of Laboratory staff on Lab Action Plan

f. Training Management Modules 1,2, and 3

g. Training on Technical Evaluation and Validation of Equipments

h. Sent participants to NHLN trainings

i. Rolled out trainings in the region

j. Assessment and Facilitation visits done so far:

2016 - 3 labs

2017-4 labs

2018-13 labs

C. Recognition of Labs implementing Lab Action Plan

D. RLN General Assembly

E. Creation of 3 Assessors Team — Davao City, Davao Del Sur and Davao Del Norte teams

F. Data base on Assessment and Facilitation visits( in progress )

G. Recognized labs with LAP and submitted this lists for inclusion in the DOH Regional Harmonized Health Awards

H. Digital Monitoring tool( in progress )



8. Advocacy and Networking :

A. Promoted RLN in various meetings and assemblies — Chief Med Tech meetings and RLED activities

B. Academic Consultative Meeting

C. Coordinated with HEPO for possible training

D. Aligned with Service Delivery Network for the Regional Lab Referral System


9. Research and Publication :

A. Survey on GAP Analysis

B. Printed our first RLN Newsletter

In areas served by Davao Blood Center, we are fully implementing the Blood Direct Distribution scheme wherein all level 2 and 3 hospitals have Memorandum of Understanding with a selected blood center. These hospital blood stations procure blood units on a regular schedule on a weekly basis. However,DBC issues blood units to Southern Philippines Medical Center(SPMC) 3X a week because of their high demand being a major referral center in Mindanao. DBC collected around 35,000 units last year. All hospital blood stations are required to have blood inventory so that when the need arise, blood units are readily available and relatives of patient need not go out of the hospital to look for blood. Hospitals with low transfusing rate are also required to have a sub MOA with a nearby hospitals to support their blood needs.

For the Regional Laboratory Network Xl , established 4 years ago, a lot trainings are rolled out to the members of the Regional Lab Network. We are still pursuing the idea that all clinical labs should be members of the RLN for the levelling up of laboratory practice in the region.

The academe is also part of the RLN since graduates will soon be members of the network and we will orient them of the goals early on. This cause will be easily achieved if all pathologists will work hand in hand supporting the RLN.

Last two years ago, RLN XI reported a laboratory doing PE and labs without the required LTO with resultant investigation and issuance of cease and desists order to this "Fly by night " laboratory. This was realized thru the combined efforts of the RLN council members and the RLED of the Region working hand in hand as partners.

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